Step by step instructions to get rid of Nits

Ok - so no time to waste lets get these nits gone! First of all get everything you need together - Nitty Gritty nit comb, Nit removal shampoo, loo roll and patience...

  1. TREAT - Use a nit removal shampoo. Have children hold washcloth over their eyes for protection when you’re applying the foam. Saturate the hair thoroughly, working the foam throughout layers with a massaging motion between fingertips to help loosen the nit “glue”. Apply more, as needed, for full coverage. Let sit for 15 minutes. Do not rinse.
  2. COMB - Part the hair down the middle and clip up one side. Take down a small section from the clip. Now comb through the first small section using the Nitty Gritty Nit Comb. Always start at the scalp to catch and remove lice. To ensure removal of all nits, which can be attached to bottom or sides of the hair shaft, be sure to comb each section from 4 directions: from above, from below and each side. Continue to take down small sections, dampening the hair and combing thoroughly, section by section, as you work throughout the first side. Pay special attention to the hot spots: behind the ears, back of the neck and along part lines. Once completed, clip up the other side and repeat the process.
  3. WIPE - any residue after each pass on a wet wipe or paper towel where you can easily see any lice or nits (eggs). Be sure to deposit refuse in a zip-lock bag to contain any live bugs. Rinse comb under warm water between uses.
  4. INSPECT - Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Cover children’s eyes for protection. Comb through sections the Nit Comb as a final check for remaining lice or nits. Repeat treatment and combing, as needed. The great news is with a natural treatment you don’t have to wait to do a follow-up treatment.

Check everyone in the family and wash all towels, pillow cases and soft toy Learn how to prevent lice/nits in the future.