3 - 6 year old boys

3 - 6 year old boys

Wheels, trucks, bikes, mud and blood…this is where everything becomes very hands on. From the moment that they realise that they can push, throw, break or jump either toy cars, trucks or on bikes all manner of havoc is let loose.

As a mother of four boys this tends to mean that when all is quiet something very serious is afoot. But when the happy squeals of laughter are in full flow all the muddy clothes and torn buttons really don't matter as it means that all their energy is being used up, they will eat whatever is put in front of them and they will fall asleep at bedtime.

From the age of three all our boys have been able to ride a bike without stabilisers. We have always started them off on balance bikes and then on their third birthdays they have all learnt on the small Isla bike. Perfectly balanced and set up for children. This gives them their first taste of freedom!

From four the imagination kicks in and the amazing den building begins. Even if it is just a pile of cushions and a rug to a four year old it is either a castle or a submarine!