Weekend adventures:

1. Pack a rucksack with some biscuits, thermos of hot chocolate and get out on a bike ride. Even better if you have a Kelly Kettle so the boys can forage for sticks to use in the fire on the Kelly Kettle to heat the hot water.

2. Summer camping in the garden, no need to travel miles just stick up the tent and let the little men use their imaginations

3. Leave it to the boys to cook you a proper full English. Yes there will be mess and carnage but it will be hilarious!

4. Ban/hide all ipads, tablets, phones, playstation, or xbox. This causes much shouting and screaming but once this has all calmed down you will have the best day ever with real games and proper bonding.

5. Boys are physical. Let them play fight, they need to get the aggression out, particular after age 5 when they get a big testosterone surge. You just need to keep an eye that no one gets hurt or that things go too far.