Bath Time - Luxury for Little Ones

Bath time is normally when chaos consumes our house. Baths have to be deep and filled with submarines, lego boats and anything that might float. Bath time has resulted in water pouring through the floor boards into the kitchen below - much to the boys delight and our horror. But as the boys have grown up three of the four (still not used to writing that) have developed incredibily sensitive skin, scalps and eczema.

We have tried everything on this. Most products have failed and when we looked into their ingredients we could see why. 

The following ingredients are in virtually all bath products for children - and frankly should not be.

This has resulted in us developing our own completely natural, organic, vegan shampoo and body wash.

The range of products for children is very limited, and even more limited when you use our shopping list of ingredients. But we are not willing to compromise in this area and for us "Luxury for Little Ones" has become an important goal.