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We are here to help your family get some sleep. We are incredibly lucky parents to four amazing boys. We started a few years ago just trying to find hard wearing, well-fitting clothes, and quality toys, for our boys but recently we have focused in on trying to help all of us get to sleep and get more sleep.

Sleep for us as a family seemed to be elusive. Every night seemed to be a battle ground. We would be trying to get our boys to eat their supper, do home work, have a bath, tidy up, do their music practice and their reading. The list just seemed to be bigger and bigger and it felt like we were never getting any real time with them we were just on a mission to get them to go to bed at any cost. That cost was soaring stress levels in the house and impacted all of us so we in turn ended up failing to get sleep and when they did go to sleep they always seemed to wake in the night. We were all getting exhausted and this inevitably meant the boys were getting tired which impacted their work at school and their happiness. We needed to change.

When we get it right it seems like anything is possible. The boys go to bed calm, relaxed and sleep all night. They are calmer, work better at school and eat properly. There is no doubt it is all linked and it is no surprise that when we try to give them some outdoor play, food with less sugar, minimal tv, iPod, iPad or PS4 time, a warm bath or shower and time to relax in their bedrooms, finishing home work or reading that everything seems to fall into place. We really feel that bedrooms are not somewhere that children should be banished for bad behaviour. They need to be their own space to relax. The little ones have a story and the big ones love a chat, even better if the big ones can read the little ones their story. Just giving them some time to talk is a winner. We all get some time together and we all benefit and relax.

Everyone it seems has a sleep plan or routine. Every family is different but if you can find out something and stick to it, the transformation for all of you will be immense. We have developed our own Sleep Spray that we spray on our pillows that is just a part of our routine to help relax and aid the boys and us with going to sleep and hopefully staying asleep. For us parents we also have our own blend of organic, natural, Sleep Tea. This bedtime ritual is a must for Annabelle. At the moment we are also developing a shampoo and body sleep wash for babies, children and adults. We really find that for our family the combination of calm evening bath time, bed time gives a full nights sleep.

Raising a family - For us sleep is one of the building blocks that we all need to stay fit, healthy and happy. Along with eating well, exercising and friendship, sleep is just such an important part of our lives. We want to help our boys Sam, Benjamin, Freddie and Tommy to grow and flourish and we want to enjoy the all to brief time that we have as a family together. We don’t want to spend every night shouting and fighting we want to help build the memories of our time together that will give them the foundations they need for their own families. In our blog you can read all about our trials, troubles and successes right from when they were babies. We are still learning and making mistakes but one thing we do know is raising a family is enormous fun. Annabelle and James