The News Last Week

It seems that in a world of 24 hour news it is really hard to distill down to the key events that we should talk to our children about. In this part of our website we will share the main bits of news that we as a family have discussed.


February 26th 2018

  1. Why are the UK’s International Charities being criticised?

          How was this discovered?

         So what will happen now?

          Does this matter?

  1. What has been happening on Brexit?

          What is the significance of all this?

         So what will happen next?

February 19th 2018

 What happened in South Africa last week?

  •     President Zuma resigned
  •     His Party, the African National Congress, had elected Cyril Ramaphosa as their replacement leader, and he in turn forced Zuma out with the support of the majority of the party.
  •    Zuma was very corrupt and a very bad President. South Africa has vast natural resources, but he left the country virtually bankrupt with terrible levels of unemployment and poverty. The country had had enough of him
      So what happens now?
  • Ramaphosa is potentially a much better leader. He is a self-made multi-millionaire so does not need to augment his wealth via corruption. He is also a very shrewd leader. His accession has already led to a rise in business confidence. So he has the potential to turn the economy round and significantly improve the living conditions of the poor.
  • Zuma still has strong support especially in his local power base. He does not appear to have done any deal when he left office so he will almost certainly be charged with fraud and corruption. This is likely to divide the country and could lead to violence
  • Elections are due next year, and if Ramaphosa cannot prevent the country falling into turmoil, the ANC are likely to lose. In the long run this may well be good for the country which has become something of a one party state. But in the short term it may well result in further political instability and economic hardship.
    Does this matter?
  • It certainly matters to the majority of people in the country who face the prospect of continuing instability and economic deprivation
  • The hope must be that Ramaphosa will be able to use his undoubted political skill to head this off and build confidence in the country. But he has very little time to achieve this
  • The risk is that he will be forced to do some kind of a deal with Zuma, and will fail to fulfil his pledge to root out corruption. If this happens South Africa faces years of political crisis.’

February 12th 2018 

  1. What happened to the Global Stock Markets?


          Does it Matter?

  1. What developments were there on Brexit?

          Did all this go well?

Does all this matter?

February 5th 2018

  1. Where did Mrs. May go Last Week?


          Was she successful?

  1. What did Donald Trump do in Washington last week?

          What is that?

          What was special about the speech?

          Will this signify a change in his leadership strategy?

January 29th 2018

  1. What happened in Davos last week?

      Who attended?

      What did they talk about?

      Is it important?

  1. What happened to the Conservative Party?


      What is likely to happen?

January 22nd 2018

  1. What happened to Carillion last week?
    • It went bust/It ran out of cash/It went into liquidation


           Does it matter?

           What will happen now?


  1. Which foreign leader paid a visit to the UK last week?
    • Emmanuel Macron, President of France

          Was it a successful visit?


  1. What big sporting achievements did we have last week?
    • Kyle Edmund got into the quarter final of the Australian Open
    • We beat the Australians in the one day cricket international series which is some compensation for losing the Ashes



January 14th 2018

  1. Why did Donald Trump cancel his trip to London?

          Does it matter?


  1. Why did Mrs May reshuffle her Cabinet?

          Was the reshuffle a success?


  1. Why is the National Health Service in the news?

          What can be done about it?


  1. What new environmental policies did Mrs May announce?

          Will these make a difference?