Organic, Aluminium, Paraben and Fragrance Free Deodorant

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The all natural way to get a good nights sleep

Sleep is an elusive thing for all us, but especially mothers. 

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Shorters Organic, Aluminium, Paraben and Fragrance Free Deodorant

Around our home everyone seems to borrow and steal deodorants. We have been searching for a deodorant that we can all use and suddenly when our ten year old needed to start using a deodorant we realised we wanted to find a product that was safe. We were amazed at just how blind we had been for so many years to the rubbish that we had been buying and using. It is amazing how having children focuses the mind!

People Love It

This by far is the best natural deodorant I have tried. It works really well on children too. My two sporty boys, ages 11 & 15 use it. I love not having a scent and it doesn't leave any stains on our clothes. It is different to the more regular deodorants but I would never go back now.

– Kate

lovely product, and I really like not having any stains on my shirts anymore. I cannot believe I use to always buy an antiperspirant. Never again!

– Christine

This is the only aluminium free deodorant that works for me.

– Joseph

I needed a deodorant for my son who has just turned 10. I didn't want lots of chemicals and this looked the best thing to try. It works perfectly and I like that it has no fragrance

– Victoria

How It Works

Step One

Place your order from the comfort of your own home.

Step Two

Wait 3-5 days for us to package and ship your order to you for free.

Step Three

Enjoy a warming deep sleep tea, and snooze like you've never snoozed before

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